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What is a travel nurse?

Nurses. Who Travel. Travel nurses! Travel Nursing is not a dream. This is not even crazy. This is something a lot of nurses choose to do. Most end up so glad they took the leap into becoming a traveler. I myself am one of those "crazy travelers" who could not be happier I said yes to this lifestyle and career path! It takes a bit of bravery, a slice of preparation and clinical experience, but to be really honest: It's not hard to get started. Many times the hardest part is just making the decision to go for it!

How many travel nurses are there?

It is a population that is estimated to be around 40,000 nurses in the USA. Nurses who pack their bags (and for many, their RV's or converted vans) and decide to live a life with more adventure and more freedom. They get to design a career and life on their terms.

Perks of travel nursing
Perks of travel nursing

Pros of Travel Nursing:

Challenges of travel nursing
Travel nurses have life on their terms

Cons of travel nursing:

Planning for new adventures!

Who travel nursing is best for:

Why does the travel nursing industry exist?

Two words: Nursing shortage. Facilities and patients need nurses.

Permanent staff nurses sometimes can't cover all the patients. Or they have babies and need some time off. Or they go on strike. Or they are learning a new computer program and need time to train. Or there is a seasonal spike of patients each year. So a traveler can come on in for 13 weeks and help out while the facility is either trying to hire their own permanent staff or giving someone maternity leave (etc, etc).

Travelers are expensive, yes. But it's not crazy for a facility to want us. Finding their own staff, interviewing them, dealing with resumés, onboarding, orienting, offering benefits, liabilities... that is really hard and expensive too. Their PRN pool might not be dependable or big enough for when they need help quick- so here we are! Travelers are a great solution.

We are meant to be skilled, talented, credentialed, and ready to help out. When we come in with a friendly disposition and in a mindset of service, we are loved and really helpful to facilities around the whole country. If you are interested in being a travel nurse, grab a latte and keep on learning. You could be just weeks away from being one of us.

Cheers to life on your terms,

xo Laura

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