“It’s Really Over” travel allied health recruiter template

You need to end the relationship with your travel allied health recruiter. It’s just not working out.

But how do you let them know you’re ready to move on? We have the template for you, traveler!

Clear and honest communication is our favorite.

Just copy and paste 👇‍

Hi travel allied health recruiter,

I hope you are having a great day.

I just wanted to say thank you for all the time and hard work you have put in while helping me on my travel career and journey.

I know how hard recruiters work and because of that I want to make sure you are in the loop of my current needs and situation so I don’t waste your valuable time.

At this time, I am not looking for a travel position with your company. If that changes, I will absolutely reach out to you.

I would like to request removal from your email lists and call lists, please. I know you can understand how often our numbers get used and abused, even when we are not looking for a travel job! So I appreciate the respect you are giving me by removing my name from your company’s list.

Thanks so much!

The empowered travel allied health pro (aka, your name!)

Cheers to moving on in a healthy and professional way!

Laura Latimer

Laura Latimer

Travel OT and Founder of Nomadicare

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