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Do you have a dream location you want to get to in the next 6 weeks? 

Would you like to just post it somewhere anonymously and then kick back and let the recruiters come to you?

Yes.. us too! So we created it!

How it Works

Private: Only Nomadicare Approved Recruiters (vetted recruiters from across the country) will have access to this Dream Job Board. They will see your dream location, start date range, specialty and needs but NOT your name and contact details. That stays safe with us. 

Transparent: Only if the recruiter has a job that matches your dream job can they talk with you and get your contact details. Next- you will see the full pay breakdown of the job right away! The recruiters send a Nomadicare pay breakdown to us. We confirm the job is legit. Then we match you.

Go Wild: Feel free to post more than one dream job to increase your chances of finding your next travel assignment fast! 


What the icons on the Job Board mean: 

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(These are the things the recruiters will need to know so you can see an accurate pay package right away! Each of these impact our pay.)


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